Maximise the efficiency of your processes with TOR Data

TOR Data is our advanced tool to monitor and control all your processes including water and energy consumption.

An advanced real-time system that facilitates the integration of systems and processes in a single tool from which you can supervise and maintain your plants.



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A single platform for all your equipment, systems and processes.

Have a tool that facilitates the management and control of equipment, systems and processes under supervision, with advanced functionalities for analysis, reporting, alarm and incident management.

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Relevant information at a glance.

Configure all kinds of indicators to facilitate the monitoring of really important information and automate the sending of reports (customizable or standard) based on the user’s needs and their role in the organization.

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Identification of anomalies, leaks, hidden consumption, etc., immediately.

Setting up alerts to detect leaks, hidden consumption, anomalies… will allow the recipient of the alarm (email, sms, smartphone) to act immediately to correct and solve any incident.

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Reduction of energy consumption and verification of measures implemented.

Accessing detailed information on your cost centers, equipment and systems will allow you to focus on priority areas for analysis and action, having specific reports for monitoring and verifying the correct evolution of the measures implemented.

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Support to operation and maintenance services.

Have tools in the cloud for real-time supervision of equipment, systems and processes.

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Achieve Sustainability – ESG goals.

Automate and report the calculation of the Carbon Footprint and facilitate the obtaining of international sustainability certifications (ISO 50001, Leed, Bream, GRESB, etc.).