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TOR :: Technology Offer Request - Proyectos de Generación de Energía

Design your PV solution without leaving TOR

We have developed a calculator to help you configure your technical-commercial offers for photovoltaic solar energy installations.

All you need to do is select the area in which you want to install the system and the configurator will give you an estimate of the solution with the technical characteristics and the prices of the equipment included.

It also includes a study of savings, energy produced and amortisation.

TOR :: Technology Offer Request - Proyectos de Generación de Energía
TOR : Elección de productos de generación de energía

Select the equipment and products you want and adapt them to your offer.

With the modelling done with our calculator, you will have a list of equipment and products that you can edit according to your preferences, choosing from the different manufacturers available.

You will generate a personalised offer that you can send to your customer.

In this way, you save time and resources by obtaining all the data you need directly from the platform.

Optimise the production of your plant

You will be able to make different models to obtain the most efficient configuration for your needs.

Through the graphs you will see in an intuitive way the possible savings that your installation would generate.

TOR : Proveedores

Contacta con proveedores especializados

En TOR encontrarás los proveedores de los equipos y soluciones que necesitas para realizar tu proyecto.

Reducirás el tiempo de búsqueda para pedir presupuestos y hacer los pedidos o las consultas de lo que necesites.

TOR : Proveedores